Errisbeg Mountain

walking errisbeg

This hill route, directly between Roundstone village and Errisbeg (300m), has much to offer, not least the wonderful views from the summit. But it has a good bite for such a moderate hill. Most experienced hill walkers will find this relatively easy, but I would suggest that less experienced hill walkers should be in the company of such an experienced walker, or skip it altogether. I’d recommend a walking stick and all the normal hill walking gear. Boots are a must for this walk.

Starting at the village compass (A), head up the street and bear right passing the Catholic church. Turn right, passing the health centre (B), then passing St. Mary’s Anglican Church on the right. At the next T-junction ( C), turn left, nothing the great views of the Twelve Bens from here.

Now you are heading straight for your objective, although what you see is not quite Errisbeg, but a nearer top. This is a delightful little road, ascending gently amongst furs and fuchsia. At the end of the road, keep left of Seaview Cottage (D), and go through a wooden gate, closing it securely afterwards. From here, a path of sorts leads on up grassy slopes towards the hill. Note the cairn which should be easily visible on the skyline, and if you can’t see the skyline, then this is not a day to be taking on this walk! As you approach the steeper part of the hill (E), bear right for a short while to gain more height, then theres nothing for it except to head up left steeply towards the cairn, which disappears from sight from time to time - there are faint tracks, but no clear paths. At the first cairn (F), you’ve earned a breather, and you will enjoy the views back down over Roundstone.

From the cairn, head West down into a “bowl”, which can be very boggy, from which the next cairn should be clearly visible up ahead, on a distinctive dome of rock. Up at this second cairn (G), when you go a few metres beyond it, you should see the trig pillar of the summit across a small valley. Now you have a final short descent to that valley and then a short climb up the the trig point (H).

The views are indeed worth the effort, particularly towards the lake strewn bog to the North. When you’ve had a look around up here, th downward route is to retrace your steps, passing close by both of the cairns. Just watch your step carefully on the descent, particularly if the ground is wet.

From the lower cairn (F), don’t make a beeline for the access road below, you will find it easier to get down if you head towards point E first. Then you can walk down on those faint paths to Seaview Cottage and the road home to Roundstone.

Back at junction ©, you can turn right past the churches again, or you can walk straight down to the middle of the village, for variety. Or the drink!

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