Michael Killeen Park

Killeen Park

Michael Killeen Park, or The I.D.A Park, as it is known locally, is a small craft centre with various factory shops selling everything from jewellery to sweaters. It is located about 5 mins walk from the centre of Roundstone on the road to Ballyconneely.

The park was built on the grounds of an old Franciscan monastery that was first established in 1835. The Franciscan monks left the monastery in the mid 1970s.

The monastery was bought by the Irish Development Authority (I.D.A) and it was then demolished in 1980 to make way for a small housing development and craft centre. The I.D.A carried out the project as a pilot scheme for job creation in rural maritime areas, which, for demographic or other reasons, were unsuited to more conventional forms of industrial activity. Small factories and workshops were built alongside a housing development in order to facilitate workers and entrepreneurs to bring suitable projects to the centre.

Today three of the four workshops are now occupied; Roundstone Musical Instruments manufacture a range of musical instruments and souvenir shop, Roundstone Ceramics make hand made Pottery and The House of Magoide sell jewellery and gifts.

The bell tower in the centre of the park and the old monastery walls surrounding it are the last remaining features of the old monastery.